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IELTS General Training Express Course

0 870

What you’ll learn

  • The overall idea of IELTS, question/task types, practice tests.


  • Level B1 (Pre-Intermediate) or above
  • You might need a pen and paper to do some practice exercises

This is an express course for IELTS General candidates designed by a TESOL certified ESL instructor and Cambridge certified IELTS instructor who lives and works in Canada.

I got my 8777 for IELTS General and immigrated to Canada. This course includes videos about three Listening question types, three Reading question types, Writing and Speaking sections, and my personal experience of preparing for each of the sections to get my 8777.

Who this course is for:

  • Students taking IELTS soon and willing to briefly go over the test concept and practice the test

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Aidina Cherikova

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