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MySQL Tutorials – Learn MySQL For Free on – Free Udemy Courses Website

MySQL is a database management system that is commonly used by web applications, including WordPress to store and retrieve all your blog information. Think of it this way. If your database is a filing cabinet that WordPress uses to organize and store all the important data from your website (posts, pages, images, etc), then MySQL is the company that created this special type of filing cabinet.

SQL is the most powerful and popular query language in the world. This is a complete course of SQL. In this course, you will learn SQL, MySQL and as well as Python. We will use SQL with Python. This course is specially designed for everyone. We will take start from SQL definition and we will finish this course on real-world application. After completing the course you will be able to use SQL in your projects.

What you will Learn:

  • Complete SQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Statements
  • SQL Operators
  • Crud Operation (Create Read Update and Delete)

Learn SQL From Scratch

What you'll learn Learn The Basics Of SQL Setting Up The Environment For Running Code Basic SQL Programming Uses Of Syntax and Databases Working With Database Using Different Query SQL Clauses Advanced SQL Programming Requirements Basic…