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Yoga For Runners

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What you’ll learn

  • Best Yoga Poses For Runners
  • Different variations of the poses so it works on your body
  • Breathing exercises that enhance your lung capacity
  • Breathing exercises to balance your nervous system
  • Different yoga sequences for a regular practice


  • All you need is to show up!
  • No yoga experience required.


As a runner or any other athlete that uses the body in a consistent an repetitive way, you know that the body always adapts to the movements an exercises it is used to.

In this course you can learn the best yoga poses for runners or someone with decreased leg flexibility and how to adapt those poses to your body as well. You will also learn breathing techniques to help balance your nervous system and enhance your lung capacity.

Poses are demonstrated by a runner himself so that you can relate and understand how the pose may work for you.

Based on hatha yoga and yin yoga knowledge, this course is for those who want to improve their flexibility, work on their deeper tissues to prevent injuries and experience transformation within the body and mind.

It includes pose tutorials and demonstrations, breathing exercises, a full length yin yoga class and 5 different 15 minute sequences that you can chose to practice at your own pace.

There is no requirements to enroll and no previous yoga experience is needed.

Feel free to take a look through the course description and I look forward to see you inside!

Lizandra Deister

Certified Yoga Teacher & Clinical Physiologist

Who this course is for:

  • Runners
  • Male or female runners
  • Marathon Runners
  • Ultra Marathon Runners
  • Athletes
  • Casual Runners
  • Professional Runners

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Lizandra Deister

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