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Stock market trading: Strategies and technical analysis

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn all the steps involved in stock trading to maximize gains and minimize losses.


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Three Crowns Trading:

This course is designed to show traders the skills I use when trading in order to maximize my profits and minimize risks. The idea is to buy on weakness and sell on strength when you are trading.

I take students, step by step, through the process I use to identify a stock, through research and charting, and then explain the strategies I employ to buy and sell stocks. My lectures share my 20+ years of stock trading experience.

Unfortunately there is no real ‘get rich quick’ form of trading, as you will, in the end just lose all your money. That’s a fact!

The first 2 lectures may seem a little slow, however they are important to introduce the whole concept of trading. Stick it out and watch the whole two hours of lectures and you will benefit greatly from these lectures. I’ve kept the lectures as short and ‘real’ as possible.

Lectures include:

  • How to complete research
  • How to understand charting
  • How and when to buy stocks
  • How and when to sell stocks
  • Understanding chart patterns
  • Types of stock trading
  • Reading statistics

After watching these lectures students will understand how I go about stock trading, and will then be able to use this knowledge to successfully develop their own style of trading.

Trading is different for everyone and changes from person to person due to our own life circumstances such as our age, risk tolerance, interests and skills. These lectures will help students to develop their own unique style of trading to find their place in the trading world that suits them.

Stock trading has allowed me to reach my goal of being free in terms of being financially free, free to choose where I wish to live and what I choose to do each day. These lectures will help you find your freedom too.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate stock traders

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