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How to Create an Innovative and Productive Workplace Culture

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What you’ll learn

  • How to be innovative and productive
  • How to nurture a solid workplace culture
  • How to align organizational objectives with the day to day
  • What employees need from culture to be successful in their roles
  • How to manage and lead workplace culture


  • Intermediate workforce experience

Throughout my journey as a manager, leader, and operator I have come across numerous challenges for employers and entrepreneurs. Most of these challenges have stemmed from a lack of balance and strategy when it came to their workplace culture.

To date workplace culture has been one of the key elements I study first when navigating into a new workplace environment and more often then not I am tasked with creating or reviving workplace culture to meet organizational goals or objectives.

This is no simple task.

Workplace culture is the glue that holds together tasks, roles, responsibilities, and end objectives in an organization. It helps create a sense of higher purpose for individuals and teams. Workplace culture is what ensures future sustainability and longevity.

However, workforce culture is often overlooked and underrated.

Most often the reason it is so easily overlooked is because it is not easily quantified on a profit and loss statement. Whatever the case might be, the truth is that workplace culture must be understood and labored if you are to succeed.

This course will address why workplace culture is important and how to navigate workplace culture from a management, leadership and ownership standpoint.

If you are a manager, leader, or business owner looking to make a long term impact, focus on workplace culture first.

Who this course is for:

  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students of Management, Leadership, Business or Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Mayra Austin, D.B.A
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