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Hands on Python for Absolute Beginners

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What you’ll learn

  • Hands on Python Course for Absolute Beginners


  • No prerequisites required


My name is Kartikeya Mishra I am a computer science engineer I have a certification in python and machine learning and in this course, you will learn about Python from starting from making your own variables to making your own function and writing your python code then we will talk about the library which is used to manipulate data used to visualise data machine learning if you want to go in the machine learning field using the python programming language.

You will learn about how to code in Python.

You will learn about Numpy which is a library used in machine learning working in the domain of linear algebra, Fourier transformation and addresses.

In Numpy you will learn about concepts like how to do the integration with code how to do optimisation, how to find an eigenvalue and how to do statistics

You will learn about pandas which is an open-source library which is used to manipulate and work with data in pandas he will learn how to do data frame manipulation how to convert data frame into the list or how to mediate a frame from the list how to make data frame from the dictionary and how we can do correlation analysis and much more.

This course for beginners and you will get to know about everything from variable to functions from Numpy to pandas (No Prior Knowledge Needed) so without any further ado let’s start with our course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners Python developer curious in Machine Learning
  • Beginners in python
  • Beginners in programming

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Kartikeya Mishra
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