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Excel Magic 4: Ultimate API Reporting in Excel

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What you’ll learn

  • Intermediate to Advanced Excel skills that will help you
  • – to ace your Excel skills,
  • – to make yourself the go-to-person in their office, or
  • – to be well positioned for your next promotion!


  • Basic Excel
  • Example: be able to open one Excel file, etc.

The course is presented in four parts.

First, the course first reviews the 4 reporting methods introduced in an earlier course. They include:

  • Reporting on screenshots
  • Reporting on extracted “report” from the system
  • Reporting on extracted “data” from the system
  • Reporting using API connect to the system

Next, the course furthers the idea of API reporting in Excel and demonstrates all 4 methodologies by using one state-of-the-art cloud planning software. They include:

  • HTML report
  • Extracted Excel report
  • Attached Excel report
  • Excel Interface for Planning Add-in, and

Last, we illustrate the top seven (7) features of Excel API Add-in in generating low-maintenance fully-automated financial reports. They include:

  • Easy Conversion
  • Fully integrated
  • Instant Update
  • Robustness

Who this course is for:

  • Office workers, Professionals, and Managers

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Lenny Wu, MBA, CPA, CGA

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